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Performance Management

DMT Helps Manage Performance To Maximize Results


With increased emphasis on resource accountability and organizational sustainability, it is more important than ever to manage organizations, resources, and decision-making based on the ability to achieve results. It is important to think beyond activities and outputs and consider long-term, strategic outcomes as the basis for managing performance.

Performance management is not just a dashboard, or a series of reports, but a way of organizing decision-making and advocacy information to ensure programs and projects consistently and continuously meet their goals. It’s about process, efficiency, effectiveness, and constant improvement.

DMT’s performance management process includes the following phases:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Outcome-based measurement design
  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Communications
  • Evaluation
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Communicating Results

What Gets Measured Gets Done


Understanding what’s going on in your organization is not merely a good thing; it is critical to success.

Effective use of reports, dashboards, and scorecards provides managers and team members information to make more informed decisions and advocate for resources, programs, and buy-in from stakeholders.

DMT uses a thorough and robust methodology to evaluate:

  • What information is important
  • Who needs to see it
  • How to visualize results
  • How often performance indicators need to be updated for analysis and communication

We evaluate user needs and design solutions as well as document important findings to use for ongoing management and evaluation of performance for you and your team.


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