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Learning Communities

DMT Creates and Supports Learning Communities


DMT helps our clients stay ahead of the curve to best utilize learning networks by designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining custom or “off the shelf” learning communities. Our clients use these learning networks to:

  • Conduct online forums and discussions
  • Share best practices
  • Access toolkits, guidebooks, templates, tools, policy and guidance, and other resources to help their staff, volunteers, and stakeholders communicate with and learn from each other
  • Maintain and disseminate information consistently

In addition to creating learning communities for clients, DMT created and maintains In the Arena (ITA), a learning community designed for social entrepreneurs to learn, share, network, and grow. ITA offers valuable and practical research in areas such as mentoring, nonprofit capacity building, and family systems support. It is a place to share your challenges and your successes while working together to create social change.

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Design and Launch

DMT Designs and Builds Custom Learning Communities and Tailors Off-the-Shelf Solutions


Learning communities are about expanding networks and sharing ideas across miles and organizational boundaries.

DMT has worked with clients of various budgets, timelines, and organizational sizes to design, develop, and sustain learning communities. We have built custom systems as well as helped clients adapt the right free or low-cost solution to meet their needs. Either way, we help you determine the functionality you need.

We will work with you to identify needs, engage users and audience, design and develop the appropriate tool for your organization, and complete the effort by developing training, user adoption strategies, and engagement methods to ensure your organization achieves its objectives.

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Community Engagement

DMT Engages Community Members


After a learning community launches, the real work begins.

A community is only as powerful as its members make it. DMT knows what it takes to engage participants with busy schedules and competing priorities. DMT takes a holistic view to online engagement – combining it with technical assistance and building personal relationships to ensure that participation in your learning community is an integrated element in participants' day-to-day operations and collaboration efforts.

DMT will help you develop your voice, post relevant and timely content, and engage your members to ensure a lasting, sustainable, online learning community.


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