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Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

Dare Mighty Things Supports Service Member Wellness


The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) prepares service members and families for deployment, sustains families during deployment, and reintegrates service members with their families, communities, and employers upon release from active duty. DMT was tasked with developing standardized "toolkits" built from field-tested best practices at the national, state, and local levels. By identifying, distilling, developing, and distributing these practices to make them easily replicable and actionable, DMT is helping to ensure that service members receive consistent and extensive support—regardless of where they are located.

DMT also assisted with a National Guard initiative on Comprehensive Service Support (CSS), which included three additional key programs: Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, Family Program, and the Psychological Health Program. CSS supports service members in all dimensions of health, including physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial.

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DMT Helps Clients Package and Promote Best Practices and Resources


Many organizations know they have great resources, but finding, consolidating, packaging, and presenting them in a way that can be accessed by users across their organizations can be a challenge. Toolkits can play an important role in an organization’s approach to knowledge management. When a client is ready to adapt and replicate the practices, models, and resources uncovered in the benchmarking process, toolkits help consolidate and organize the tools you need to implement promising practices.

DMT's most recent toolkit production was for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and Comprehensive Service Support, an initiative under the National Guard. For this work, DMT:

  • Conducted site visits for rapid-cycle benchmarking to uncover hundreds of resources from state staff and volunteers
  • Developed 12 detailed online toolkits offering models and resources based on site visits
  • Produced online tutorials, webinars, and classroom workshops to help program staff understand and fully utilize toolkits
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In-Person Training

DMT's In-Person Training Supports Programs Across the Nation


In-person training, whether standalone or part of a blended learning program, provides valuable face-to-face interaction with peer learners and instructors or subject matter experts. DMT training events feature evidence-based methods for most effectively engaging and providing information to an audience—from federal grantee organizations to program staff, mentors, or other personnel—including experiential activities, skills practice, engaging visuals, and dynamic, knowledgeable instructors.

We maintain a client-centered, state-of-the-art event and training facility designed to offer a unique learning environment that maximizes problem solving and creativity. The facility is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just an hour from Boston's Logan Airport, New Hampshire's Manchester Airport, and the Portland, Maine Jetport. We also have extensive experience managing the full range of logistics to support events and training at program sites or event facilities around the country.

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DMT Webinars Provide Timely Instruction and Support


Webinars are an engaging way to provide learners with the timely, flexible support and assistance they need. Webinars save time and travel costs. Viewers can access a webinar from anywhere and, despite the distance, can interact with a facilitator and with other participants through discussions, engaging case scenarios, and question and answer sessions.

DMT's webinars are designed to be flexible, dynamic, and tailored to client needs. Our webinars have generated the following reactions:

  • "Delivery was great, informative, and clear. Easy to understand."
  • "Excellent workshop. The workshops are always well structured and well organized. It seems a lot of planning goes into them, and I find them very helpful. I know many of us appreciate your hard work."
  • "Thank you for providing the visual documents and not just the idea and language."
  • "Informative and easy to follow. I appreciate the opportunity to preview the materials in advance."
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Tools and Resources

DMT Builds Resources that Build on Best Practices


DMT works with clients to identify effective practices across their organizations and their industry. We then consolidate, develop, and promote information in useful online, paper, and electronic tools and resources to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Tools and resources can take many forms and we work with clients to find the right methods to reach any audience. Past efforts have included materials such as:

  • Program models to demonstrate and communicate integration among stakeholders
  • Document templates to support consistency and efficiency
  • Program policies and doctrine to drive standards
  • E-newsletters for regular online communication
  • Guidebooks to serve intermediary and stakeholder organizations
  • Web-based access tools such as wizards and guides to help users access hundreds of resources quickly and easily

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