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DMT’s Benchmarking Processes Inform Program Design, Development, and Improvement


Benchmarking is the process of learning and adapting the best practices of leading organizations to improve performance. This technique provides a high return on investment because it leverages the experience of others.

DMT’s benchmarking model includes the following steps:

  1. Identification and understanding
  2. Measurement and analysis
  3. Adaptation
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation and improvement
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DMT's Benchmarking Reports Move the Process Forward


Benchmarking reports capture the benchmarking process methodology, narrative overview, practice profiles and, in most cases, a logic model that depicts the practices discovered through the benchmarking study.

The report’s creation is a collaborative process that ensures the integration of client feedback for additional research or clarification. 

Benchmarking study results may be shared and promoted in a number of ways, including:

  • Integration into new or existing training or technical assistance programs
  • At a customized training summit
  • Online publication and promotion
  • Viral promotion
  • Virtual or in-person panel discussion with the experts
  • At pre-existing client-centered events (annual conferences, workshops)
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DMT Helps Clients Package and Promote Best Practices and Resources


Many organizations know they have great resources, but finding, consolidating, packaging, and presenting them in a way that can be accessed by users across their organizations can be a challenge. Toolkits can play an important role in an organization’s approach to knowledge management. When a client is ready to adapt and replicate the practices, models, and resources uncovered in the benchmarking process, toolkits help consolidate and organize the tools you need to implement promising practices.

DMT's most recent toolkit production was for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program and Comprehensive Service Support, an initiative under the National Guard. For this work, DMT:

  • Conducted site visits for rapid-cycle benchmarking to uncover hundreds of resources from state staff and volunteers
  • Developed 12 detailed online toolkits offering models and resources based on site visits
  • Produced online tutorials, webinars, and classroom workshops to help program staff understand and fully utilize toolkits

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