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Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star

DMT Supports the Nation's Largest Mentoring Program


Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star (BBBSLS) is the largest mentoring program in the country, with more than 10,000 mentoring matches. BBBSLS wanted to better target recruitment efforts to get higher-quality mentors and keep them engaged in mentoring relationships for longer periods of time. They reached out to DMT to evaluate their work with an eye toward replication and internal process improvement.

As part of this engagement, DMT conducted an extensive study for BBBSLS on mentor recruitment and retention. We analyzed professional market research and drove the design and distribution of a survey to more than 7,500 mentors within the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston areas to improve program practices related to recruiting, screening, and retaining high-performing mentors. Additionally, DMT conducted an online survey on BBBSLS' Match Support Specialists, or case managers, to gather 360-degree feedback on their performance. Beyond analyzing and producing survey results, DMT is providing BBBSLS with the tools and templates to replicate the process for future survey iterations.

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Performance Management

DMT Helps Manage Performance To Maximize Results


With increased emphasis on resource accountability and organizational sustainability, it is more important than ever to manage organizations, resources, and decision-making based on the ability to achieve results. It is important to think beyond activities and outputs and consider long-term, strategic outcomes as the basis for managing performance.

Performance management is not just a dashboard, or a series of reports, but a way of organizing decision-making and advocacy information to ensure programs and projects consistently and continuously meet their goals. It’s about process, efficiency, effectiveness, and constant improvement.

DMT’s performance management process includes the following phases:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Outcome-based measurement design
  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Communications
  • Evaluation
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Remote Consulting

DMT’s Remote Consulting Aligns with Your Needs, Network, and Urgency


We understand working in fast-paced, dynamic environments and how important it is to receive focused and customized consulting support when you need it.

DMT’s remote consulting fills two critical needs for our clients:

  • Day-to-day, time sensitive needs, such as program implementation questions, research, and consulting to help troubleshoot emerging challenges
  • Ongoing expertise and engagement to support areas such as outcome measurement, program operations, or the development of program policy and procedures
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Onsite Consulting

DMT Meets Our Clients Where They Are


Our consultants are trained and experienced in analyzing the challenges our clients face and identifying innovative solutions. Our work is collaborative, customized, and intensive, designed to meet our clients where they are. We introduce promising practices pioneered by leaders in the field and support the implementation of solutions that will work for their organization and their community.

DMT conducts technical assistance site visits for the purposes of:

  • Program startup
  • Program assessment
  • Program turn-around
  • Best practice implementation
  • Ongoing performance management or evaluation
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Tools and Resources

DMT Builds Resources that Build on Best Practices


DMT works with clients to identify effective practices across their organizations and their industry. We then consolidate, develop, and promote information in useful online, paper, and electronic tools and resources to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Tools and resources can take many forms and we work with clients to find the right methods to reach any audience. Past efforts have included materials such as:

  • Program models to demonstrate and communicate integration among stakeholders
  • Document templates to support consistency and efficiency
  • Program policies and doctrine to drive standards
  • E-newsletters for regular online communication
  • Guidebooks to serve intermediary and stakeholder organizations
  • Web-based access tools such as wizards and guides to help users access hundreds of resources quickly and easily

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